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Side by Side Storyboard Comparison - SOUL HOOLIGAN, "Algebra"

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Side by side comparison of the storyboards and final shots from the music video "Algebra" by the British group Soul Hooligan.


"THE GUARDIAN" - Music Video Animatics

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This is an animatic for a live-action music video for an alternative rock song.  At one point the band toyed with the notion of doing the entire video like this.  This was done with 2D artwork placed in a 3D After Effects environment.


Storyboard Gallery

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"Algebra" - Soul Hooligan.

Warner Music

"Tales of Disaster - Cyclone."

No Strings International

"Bionic Cockfights."

Video Game/Website Proposal

"Hip Hop" - Afu-Ra

Koch Entertainment


Short Film

"Fly On the Wall"

CG Test.  Yellowbook.com

CG Design Test

CG Video Test